General Provisions

The following terms and conditions apply within the scope of the use of the Orchid Website and its sub-domains, sites, services and related tools:

Dear visitor, Following your visit to the site, you acknowledge your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions below, you should not use this site. Orchid Luxury reserves the right to change, modify, add to, or remove all or part of the terms and conditions of use at any time if necessary. Changes become effective when posted on the site without notice. It is therefore advisable to review the Terms of Use and Provisions page regularly to keep up with the textual updates. Your continued use of the Site constitutes your full consent to all changes made to the Terms of Use and Terms of Use.

How to use the site


Dear Guest, For the authority to use the site, the user acknowledges the age of eighteen years or visits the link under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. We grant you non-transferable or revocable power to use the Site under the specified terms and conditions. The very purpose of this shopping power is to buy personal items sold on the site. It is prohibited to use the SiteM link for commercial or use purposes on behalf of any third party, except as expressly permitted by us in advance. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions shall result in immediate termination of the validity of use granted in this paragraph without prior notice.


All content included on the Site including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, icons, images, phonographs, digital downloads, data collection and software, is the property and copyright of either Orchid or its users, suppliers or licensors and is protected by copyright and trademark laws Patents and other intellectual property rights. Site Content The Site Link and Copyright are the exclusive property of Orchid Luxury and are protected by copyright, trademark, patent or intellectual property rights and laws.

Registration at Orchid Luxury

Some services and related features that may be available on the Site Connector require registration or subscription. When you sign up or subscribe to any of these services or related features, you agree to provide accurate and correct information about yourself and to update it immediately if any changes are made to it. Each user of the site alone is responsible for keeping passwords, traffic or other identification data safe and secure. The Account Holder assumes all responsibility for all activities and the use framework in your Perfume site if the activity or use is done through your account. In addition, you should inform us of any unauthorized use of your password or account. Your Perfume disclaims any direct or indirect loss resulting from any kind of disclosure of your User Name and / or Password.

If you provide inaccurate, inaccurate or incomplete information or if your perfume has reasonable grounds to suspect that this information is incorrect or inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent with this User Agreement without prejudice to any rights and remedies of your perfume, We have the right to suspend the Account indefinitely, limit or withdraw your access to the Site and / or your membership of the Site.


During the registration process you agree, you will receive promotional emails from the site’s website. You can later opt out of this option and do not receive promotional emails by clicking on the link at the bottom with the promotional e-mail.

User posts

All your posts on the Site and / or providing us with any data, including but not limited to questions, criticisms, comments and suggestions (all “posts” in general) become exclusive property of Orchid Luxury, and in no way belong to you. In addition to the rights that apply to any type of participation, once you share your comments or criticisms of the Site, you also grant us the right to use the name that you directly link to monetize, comment, or otherwise. You may not use a counterfeit email address, claim that you are someone else, or attempt to mislead us or any third party with respect to the authenticity and reliability of any of the posts. We may remove or modify any posts, but we are not obliged to do so.

Approval of orders and pricing


The Site reserves the right to refuse or cancel any request for any reason at any time. Before we agree to the request, we may ask you to provide additional information or definitions, including, but not limited to, your telephone number and address.

Product Description

If the product displayed on the site is in violation of a prescription on the site’s site, you can immediately return the product according to the return policy indicated below.




In the event that it is determined that if any provision of the Employment Convention is deemed invalid, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, this separation clause shall not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions of the Employment Agreement. In such a case, that part shall be in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect as closely as possible the original intentions of the Parties and the remaining parts shall remain in full force in accordance with the applicable laws.

Law enforcement and judicial bodies

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed and applied in accordance with the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The parties agree to appear before the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to waive any objections based on the place of action.

Conflict Resolution

In the event of any dispute, allegation or dispute arising out of or relating to any transaction performed on the Site, breach, implementation, interpretation or validity of the Terms and Conditions or any part of the “Dispute”, the First Party shall endeavor to resolve disputes through good negotiations (30) from the date of sending the first written letter to be notified by the other party to the dispute.

Revocation process

In addition to any legal damages, we may immediately and without notice waive these Terms and Conditions or revoke any or all of your rights granted under the Terms and Conditions. On the basis of any revocation of this Agreement, you shall immediately cease to visit and use the Website. We may immediately cancel, as well as any legal or equitable damages, all of your passwords, traffic or other identification methods, and reject any visit or use of the Link Site entirely or partially. Any revocation of this Agreement shall not affect all rights and obligations (including, but not limited to, payment obligations) of Parties made prior to the date of avoidance. You also agree that the site of the link is no longer responsible for you or any other person as a result of the suspension of the site or the revocation of the authority to use the site of the association. If you are dissatisfied with the site of the link or any of its terms or provisions or its system or policies or guidelines or our practices in how to manage the site For a link, we recommend that you stop using the site immediately.