Orchid Luxury

Orchid Luxury Corporation

Orchid Luxury is an online store specializing in the marketing and sale of international and local perfumes and cosmetics products

Orchid Luxury offers a unique electronic experience for perfume lovers through its e-shop and even your home door all over Saudi Arabia.

Commercial Registration No: 3348342304

Shoubra – Al-Taif – Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Orchid Luxury is a sophisticated security solution developed by Orchid Al-Fakhama Group, which aims to provide the most powerful electronic protection tools for Orchid’s luxury data by matching the importance of data and security of the browser and your fragrances to one level by applying the latest security technologies that give you an experience. Secure shopping on the online store.

After delivery of the order we will notify you of the details of the order status and you can track your shipment to your door easily and at any time.


Our Vision

To be the first and last choice for perfume retailers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Arab world

Our Aim

Providing the product and the ideal price for perfume and beauty shoppers

Our Values

Credibility, Belonging, Commitment and Quality

Our Ambition

To make you more attractive and happy. Your satisfaction and your trust are the most important thing we aspire to. We only offer you original products from World Brands